11, Greenways Road, R.A. Puram, Chennai - 600 028.
Phone : 495 12 34, 493 73 09, 493 33 65.

Centre for fullfledged holistic health facilities at one doorstep.

"To bring holistic medicine with in the reach of
every individual under one Roof."

  • To Make the Facility the Best and Affordable.
  • To Provide Uncompromise Quality.
  • Value for Money.
  • Vacancies : Looking for Marketing Representatives. Invest Rs. 500/- Earn Rs. 3000/- and above per month.
    For Details :
    Call us at 485 1234.
    E-Mail : yeramilli@hotmail.com

    Facilities at SANJEEVANI
    Ayurvedic Clinic
    a) consultation
    (arthritis,diabetes,stress,disorders,cosmetic problems,Premature aging, asthma, acid peptic disorders,obesity, etc.,)
    Yoga(At Door Step)
    Includes Asanas, Meditation & Relaxation Techniques
  • Yoga for health
  • Yoga as therapy
  • Reiki
    An alternative system of Healing by Hands, Healing touch. A Good supplement for any system fo Medicine.Reiki healing center and personal classes are also held.
    b) special therapies for specific diseases. Uzhichal, Pizhichal, Khizis, Siro Dhara... Herbal Beauty house
  • Separate beauty house for ladies and gents Managed by expert beauty care professionals
  • Swimming
  • Moderately sized swimming pool with qualified coaches.
  • Offers :
    Herbal facials, Pedicure, Waxing, Manicure, Hair styling, Bridal makeup etc..,
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