Lion Voice
Sai Kumar

Hallow my dear fans!
Fantastic-FANS! The word I worship like GOD & GODDESS. If you are not there, I will not be here in this position .For your entertainment and information, I would like to put some words and more stills B4U,which could give you enough joy in meeting me through my favourate website:www.adindia.net.

I have started my career as a child artist and settled as a dubbing artist and once again settled as an artist after the dynamic success of POLICE STORY.

More and more for you, please enter into my private pages www.saikumarp.com I hope you will enjoy and promise you that I will appear b4u update in future pages.

I wish you, FANS! keep healthy and wealthy atmosphere in future.

Lovingly yours,
SAIKUMAR film artist:

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