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    Welcome, to a whole new World of advertising at AD INDIA and experience a new innovative, personal advertising, where 'U' matters most. We cater to your needs with reasonable rates.

A. Establishment of your LOGO on Audio Inlay Cards Rs: 2/-(Minimum Order 20,000/-), Audio Cds Rs: 5/-(Minimum Order 2,000/-). Separate inlay cards and your company audio announcement  along with 5 songs Rs: 11/-  (Minimum Order 50,000/-) to present to your customers. Separate Audio  CDs with your Company Audio Announcement along with hit songs Rs:100/-(Minimum Order 5000/-).  All the songs will be included according your taste and our availability.

1. Scrolling on CABLE TV [T.Nagar Head end: 26,00,000 connections]: Rs. 600/-per hour with a maximum 25 words. Extra words will be charged @ Rs. 50/- each.

2. Auto Panels: Rs. 140/- per auto per month (including first painting). Minimum THREE MONTHS agreement, for change of matter Rs. 50/- each.

3. Hoardings: Depends upon the places you select ( Subject to availability ).

4. Cloth Banners: Rs. 15/- per Sq.ft (Hand Painting). Rs.5.50/- per Sq.ft (Screen Printing Minimum: 50 nos.)

5.Ad Making: Rs. 1,10,000/-( One lakh Ten Thousand) per Call Sheet, that includes all expenses i.e., Script, Director, Technicians, Color Negative, Out Door Equipment, Sound Recording, Dubbing and Mixing, Lab charges etc., (excluding the remunerations of ARTISTS).

6. Chennai Central Station LED screen: Tariff Enclosed.

7. Cinema Theatres: Tariff for Slides and Trailers Enclosed.

8. Bus Panels: Rs. 1500/- per bus per month (Minimum Three months. Inclusive of painting)

9. Multi Color WALL POSTERS: Rs.6.50/- per poster , 30"/40" size (including design making charges) Minimum Order 2000.

10.WEB: Separate website creation (ONE YEAR): Rs. 75,000/- (including 25mb space, any number of E-Mail ids, Home page, Domain Registration, Web hosting, Developing any number of pages, etc.,. Promotion and Support from our portal: (film based site) costs Rs. 11,000/- is free. Separate "WEB SPACE" also will be provided on demand with reasonable price.

11.Local Trains: Rs. 1,20,000/- per year (inclusive of painting)./font>

12. Zip Phones: Rs. 550/- per instrument.

13. Bus Shelters: Rs.10,000/- (non-lit), Rs. 35,000/-(lit).

14. Vinyl Boards Rs. 50/- per Board (Minimum order 500 nos.)

We also  undertake: advertisements in Press Media, Satellite Media, FILM SPONSORSHIPS, AUDIO SPONSORSHIPS, etc., etc., according to your budget and TASTE.

AD INDIA, wishes you the very best, in your endeavour as an entrepreneur in CHENNAI, your home town.

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Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours Sincerely,
N. Raja Kalyan & N.
Devi Charan.
Managing Partners.

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